Thursday, February 9, 2023

Must Have Shoe Styles in Every Man’s Closet

We all know that women usually own more than a thousand and one pairs of shoes, well… you know we exaggerated a bit. Emphatically speaking men need to also step up their shoe game. Unlike women, a few pairs of shoes in a man’s closet can be more functional than a thousand pairs of shoes in a woman’s closet. Hence we have put up a practical list of the shoes every man should have in his closet. Trust us when we say any woman will get jealous at how poise you look with a pair of shoes when she can not do same. Of course you can decide to go ahead and have more, this list does not limit you in any way.


Here goes 5 shoe styles every man should own:

The Oxford


This is definitely a must have. Most men will opt for Black oxfords as this will literally suit almost everything. It is very appropriate for formal occasions.

The Brogues


This is less formal than the Oxfords. Black and Dark Brown Brogues work best for suits. Light brown will work for a casual event, the more brouging (decorative perforations) on the shoe the less formal it is, so do not be caught by the fashion jury defaulting.

The Loafers


This is your go to casual shoe, very appropriate for dates. Unlike the Oxfords you can chose from a variety of colours ranging from Navy blue to beige and burgundy. Are you a man of Style that likes to stand out? Then you definitely need a pair of burgundy loafers in your closet.

Desert Boots


Do not get scared of the name it does not necessarily have to be worn in a desert. This is more dressed up than a sneaker and also comes in a lot of colours. This is for the daring man who doesn’t mind a bit of color.

Running Sneakers


We would say Fit Fam is definitely a trend that is here to stay. Every Man needs to keep fit. Putting on the wrong shoes for this purpose can be detrimental to your health.

There goes our top 5 Basic shoe styles that should be found in any man’s closet. Don’t forget to tag #SPICETVAFRICA when you purchase any of these shoes.

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