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#MustHaveMonday: Pop’Africana’s Limited Edition Zine

Giving us good reason to continue our month focused on all things ‘celebration,’ Nigerian artist Oroma Elewa, the editor of the much-loved bi-annual magazine, Pop’Africana, has just announced the launch of a new limited edition zine – the return of the beloved Pop’Africana, served up in limited edition volumes of print.

Oroma Elewa
Oroma Elewa

As the beautiful, stylish and talented Ms Elewa told Into the Gloss, the zine is;

“Basically… a reference point for understanding the types of ideas and innovations that are happening within fashion in Africa.

It is also documenting and showcasing contemporary African experiences and interests globally. So, it’s very cosmopolitan – not just for the African, but also for any fashion enthusiast who just wants to see a different cultural perspective.”


The zine – not to be confused with a magazine – is created on 35inch, 50lb newspaper, with the photographer and artist telling fans via her blogsite;

“We are taking an experimental approach on how we deliver African stories this time around, so be open-minded.”

The first cover of the 2010-launched magazine, Pop’Africana

It was Elewa’s way with telling such stories – visually and with a pure dedication to the African continent – that drew such a fan base to Pop’Africana when it originally launched in 2010. Since the magazine dropped off the radar just a few issues later, it has been sorely missed, meaning the launch of the new zine has given followers real reason to celebrate this side of Christmas.

Images from the first edition of the Pop'Africana zine
Images from the first edition of the Pop’Africana zine

The inaugural issue of the new zine is titled “The Way We Plait,” with imagery for the edition giving us reason to relish Pop’Africana’s return.

Find copies stocked at Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s New York store for a mere $15, or order yours online here. We at SPICE will be adding Pop’Africana‘s limited edition zine to our Christmas wish-list, though news that the platform is back in print is a fabulous present in itself.


Image source: Popafricana.com


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