Sunday, October 1, 2023

#MustHaveMonday: Versace’s “Versace Loves Brazil” Tee

Helping us celebrate a month of Sports here at SPICE, and marking the start of the FIFA World Cup’14 (which kicks off in Rio on June 12th), Donatella Versace has outdone herself with a special one-off mens tee, called the “Versace Loves Brazil T-shirt.”

Etched with a bright print that’s emblematic to the brand (gold chains and leopard print being part of the Versace signature), the tee boasts a new Versace baroque that combines ‘the colours of a Brazilian carnival’ with footballs and flowers. There are even silhouettes of football players and a Medusa head, re-styled with a Versace twist.

Certainly something worth donning TV-side (or pitch-side if you’re headed to Rio), you can grab one here for 450 Euros.


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