Wednesday, September 27, 2023

#MustHaveMonday: What About Yves’ Spooky Chanel & Ghostbusters-Inspired Sweat

With Halloween at the end of this week, we’re thinking about what to wear to all the festive parties we’ve been invited to, which typically require close attention to a ‘spooky’-inspired dress code.

Well, thank the fashion gods for What About Yves‘ line of parody pieces, which include “Aint Laurent Without  Yves” tees and sweatshirts, and our personal favourite for all Hallow’s Eve: this Chanel and Ghostbusters-inspired set of streetwear, which’ll have us bring a little chic to all those costume ‘dos occurring this Friday night.

Though Chanel has filed suit against the cheeky label for trademark infringement, we at SPICE can’t help but love the range’s twist on the brand’s famed monogram and have an eery feeling they’ll be out of stock before October 31st.

Grab yours ($82 and $48, here and here) before they vanish, or seek out help with your Halloween wardrobe inspiration here to be the best dressed at whatever beastly ball your heading to.


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