Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Naomi Campbell’s Face Appears on Pieces of Very Important Popcorn

Megamodel Naomi Campbell has had a brilliant 2014, stealing the limelight on numerous red carpets and leading the way in fashion’s fight against the Ebola crisis, but the star now has a new accolade to celebrate, with Ms Campbell’s beautiful face appearing on special pieces of popcorn available to buy in her home borough of Streatham, London.

Created to mark the re-opening of Streatham’s Odeon cinema, various celebrities from the world of politics, TV and fashion are honoured by having their faces hand-painted onto single pieces of popcorn, with each star seen on the snack originally hailing from the area.


Stars on the Very Important Popcorn include Labour MP Chuka Umunna, comedian Paul Merton, ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone and TV star Sarah Beeny, as well as the gorgeous Naomi.


The team of food artists responsible for the portrait-baring popcorn spent more than 50 hours creating the special snack, and we at SPICE are sure that, being blessed with Ms Campbell’s good looks, it’ll taste even sweeter than usual.


Image source: Mirror.co.uk

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