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New Comic Book ‘Girl in Dior’ Documents Christian Dior’s Famed 1947 Showcase

Following the beautiful documentary film released on Dior last month (read about that, here), graphic novelist Annie Goetzinger has ‘Rejuvenated’ the brand’s tale, releasing a comic book take on the fashion house, titled Girl In Dior.

The Dior-approved book tells a fictional story based on made-up journalist Clara, who is sent to report on Christian Dior’s revered 1947 show and ends up taking the interest of the designer.


Speaking of the comic, Ms Goetzinger explained to Vogue Magazine;

“I could have talked about Dior’s life from his birth until his death, but what interested me, obviously, was that adventure in high fashion which took place between 1947 and 1957.

I wanted to talk about the creator, not only aobut his personality but his whole universe, his environment.”

Illustration’s include the fashion house’s famed ‘New Look’ silhouette – a combination of wasp waists and full skirts – which also showcase why the graphic artist is one of France’s most respected talents in her field.

The book, which has enjoyed success so far in Europe since its release in France last December, is due for release this month in the US and UK, and we at SPICE can’t wait to get our hands on it. Find your copy of Girl In Dior here and lets know what you think to seeing Christian Dior’s world documented via a comic.

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