Monday, October 2, 2023

Nicole by OPI Launches New Range: the Roughles Collection

Who would’ve thought – after all the filing and buffing we do – that’d we’d be longing for texture on our tips this Spring? Well, thanks to OPI’s latest range, sleek, shiny finishes are out, because it’s all about a rough surface for seriously on-trend nails.

Not that we’re complaining of course, as the nail polish giants have released a fun set of polishes that are a big deal and also, no fuss – with the Nicole by OPI Roughles collection (pronounced “Ruffles” we are told) not even needing a top coat.

Nicole by OPI 3


L-R: ‘Rock the Look’, ‘Sand in my Shoe’, ‘I’m Stucco On You’, On what Grounds?’

 The cute Spring-themed collection comes in flirty shades like lemon and lilac, and with every picture or review find of them, we are assured that they are worth the very affordable $9 they’re going for.

How to apply them? With ease, apparently. Just coat your nails the same way you usually would and then leave to dry. These special polishes leave tips with a flecked, textured and slightly shiny finish that you’ll have fun showing off – perfect for those that have no time for top coats!

Get yours, here.

Nicole by OPI

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