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Nigeria At 57- Celebrating Nigerian Make Up Brands.

Different cosmetic brands from all over the world have dominated the market, with Africans not far behind in the revolution and evolving of one of the biggest markets in the world, and these Nigerian cosmetic brands have proven that they are just as good as their foreign competitors.



Founded by Oke Maduewesi in 2011. Zaron make up is specifically tailored to suit the dark skin woman; this makeup brand has shown no signs of slowing down after being launched barely six years ago. With 26 outlets in Nigeria, other African countries, the US and UK.

Juvias place


Juvias place is an eye shadow pallet only cosmetic brand. The image of the beautiful Nefertiti is the design logo for the pallet. Not only is the pallet logo art work attractive, which pays homage to the pioneers of makeup, the product itself is state of the art.

Founded around 2014 by Chichi Eburu, Juvias place pallets is steadily creating a spot for itself in the African cosmetic industry.

Bm pro


On the 13th of November 2011 a state of the art cosmetic company was birthed by Banke Meshida Lawal. One that will go on to become what is often compared to as the Mac makeup brand of Africa, there is no doubt that Banke Meshida Lawal’s Bm pro is one of the biggest makeup brands to come out of Africa.


yanga beauty

Founded by Jenifer Lisa Uloko, Yanga is one of the fastest rising cosmetic brands in Nigeria. Not only does the Yanga brand specialise in makeup, they also own a thread of skincare and makeup instruments.

House of Tara

house of tara

What started as a small business is now of the biggest makeup brands in Africa. Founded in 1998 by Tara Fela Durotoye, house of Tara has become a household name in the makeup industry. With a lot of firsts and numerous awards off her sleeves, house of Tara has continued to wax stronger in the game for nearly two decades by serving women of colour with prestigious, state of the art makeup products.



If you are a lover of mild, natural makeup, then Taos is the right brand for you. The brand was created with the purpose of simply enhancing the God given beauty of women, without necessarily drastically changing their look and features.

Taos describes itself as a fun and sassy beauty brand and i couldn’t agree more with them. Taos was founded by Vanessa Onwughala.


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