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Nigeria Fashion sells Domestically and Internationally

Looking forward to some great fashion but are wondering how to get your hands on it? There was a time when home grown fashion wasn’t really easily found back in Nigeria, and you had to look at Western styles if you wanted to pull off something great. That’s not what it is any more, with Nigerian fashion becoming a hot cake and something that is getting popular both domestically and internationally.

Nigeria has a booming economy and its effect can be seen in many aspects which were nonexistent even a decade ago. Take for example the Nigeria fashion which is finding customers both domestically and internationally.

The New Fashion Trends: The Top Things to Know

A host of young Nigerian fashion designers are making headlines in Africa and international countries in Europe for making dresses that win the hearts of global customers. The Nigeria fashion is new but it has already started thriving just like the online sports betting in Nigeria!

Take the example of the popular fashion designer known as Tubo who also heads a clothing company with the same name. She is always busy at her office attending to growing list of clients who sit patiently to meet the fashion designer. The 26 year old designer specializes in making wedding dresses that has a traditional twist!

The Top Achievements

Nigerian designers have been selling their clothes to celebrities around the world. You may have spot  Michelle Obama, the former US first lady, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, scar-winner Lupita Nyongo and others sporting apparels designed by Nigerians. Tubo said that she is happy at the growth of the Nigeria fashion industry. Earlier people used to buy foreign clothes but now they have started wearing Nigerian designed dresses.

Tubo relies on social media for her sales. Her clothes sell anything between $1,000 and $3,000. But don’t let the price range think than only the rich can afford Nigerian fashion; though, there is an increasing number of people with disposable income in the country.

Another name in the Nigerian fashion industry that has sold to international customers is Soares Anthony. The 35 year old former model makes clothes for everyone in the middle budget range. You can get your hands on his designs starting at $50 and highest ones for $200.  Soares said that he doesn’t just make dresses for a white English woman who wants to marry a Gambian man. His creations are for anyone who wants the flavor of Africa and some good taste in fashion.

Nigeria also has the first fashion academy headed by Bakare from London. The school has students from Nigeria and other parts of Africa like Kenya who can learn fashion design formally to advance their career.  

The growth of the Nigerian fashion industry has also helped the country’s domestic clothing business. Cheap imports currently flood the market though things are starting to change, beginning with Nigeria. For many people in the country, having a personal designer is the ‘in’ thing. Despite many challenges like erratic electric supply and cheap imports, the country’s designers are making a great effort towards spreading the style of Africa across the world.

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