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Nigerian-Korean Model, Hyun Min Is South Korea’s First Black Model

At 6’2, Hyun only began modeling last year, after an agency found him on Instagram and arranged a meeting.  They met at a coffee shop where they asked him to walk and signed him immediately. He’s completely self-taught, having watched YouTube videos to learn how to stride. But impressively, two seasons ago, he opened for Heich Es Heich.

At first glance, most people assume he isn’t Korean at all—rather, an international model, flown in to walk shows—and would speak to him in English backstage (which he can’t speak), or not at all and would be taken aback when they heard him speak Korean. He’s been told by some designers and brands that because his skin is different, they can’t work with him. But rather than leaving, this only pushes Hyun to work harder and build his own unique charm.

Given South Korea’s history with black and bi-racial people, Han Hyun Min had to learn perseverance early on, as growing up in Seoul was not easy. The country remains largely homogenous and fiercely nationalist, yet things are changing – with younger generations being exposed to the rest of the world. Appearing in 11 fashion shows in the most recent Fashion Week, he’s already established himself as one of Korea’s top male models.
Han Hyun Min is most definitely changing the landscape of Korean fashion and the breaking out to the international stage.

(Photo: Romantic Pirates)

(Photo: Romantic Pirates)

Source: Konbini

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