Monday, June 5, 2023

British-Nigerian Rap Star Little Simz on Style & Self Identity

British-Nigerian and LA-based musician, Little Simz (formerly Lil Simz) has been caught talking to iD Magazine, with a new interview sharing her thoughts on fashion and self identity.

Often associated with the UK’s popular Grime scene, though defining herself as an artist (“not a UK female MC”), and making big moves without being signed to any label, the star has been busy touring the States and has performed at top events including the popular SXSW Festival, where she’s gathered her own following.


On her style and the essentials she carries with her while on tour, the “Dead Body” star shared;

“My suitcase staple is a hot water bottle; I go everywhere with one. I just hate being cold! When it comes to clothes, for the first half of the tour I had the same outfit. I just had one set uniform, which was a mix of G-Star and Zara, basically a black suit.”

Alongside her interview, iD has Lil Simz pictured in G-Star Raw’s range of denim, styled with a choppy bob. And on the brand, the rapper explains;

“I like the fit of G-Star but I also love the aesthetic. I like what they stand for. They’re a brand, but it’s about wearing things how you want to wear them, how you feel comfortable and I like that because sometimes I’ll work with brands and they try too hard to make you come into their world.”


Giving tips on style and personal identity, Lil Simz, who recently performed in Israel for Forbes’ 30 under 30 event, explained;

“I think style should really be ablaut identity. You make it work for you.

[Identity] is the one thing you really have that’s yours. It can’t get stolen, you can’t take someone’s ID […] it’s the one thing you really have.”

Divulging a little on her own identity, the rapper told  iD that she considers herself a “spiritual” person, who doesn’t like labels, saying of herself;

“…I’m very connected to things in the universe and I believe in those types of things. But it’s not something I’ll openly talk about all the time […] I’m vulnerable, I’m sensitive. I’m truthful, I’m imperfect. I’m self aware.

…I just don’t like labels. With anything, I’m just not a label person. Labels are just for other people.”


With the rapper telling iD that new music will be on the way, we at SPICE will look forward to her future ventures. Meanwhile, read the full interview here and then let us know what you think to Lil Simz, her words and her wardrobe, online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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