Sunday, April 2, 2023

Nigerian Women Defend Lady From Being Bullied By A Man

We live a world where it is of popular opinion that “women are their own enemy”. A lot of instances and scenarios have been used as case studies and examples of such events where some women supposedly go the extra mile to bring a fellow woman down. But, despite all the alleged negativity and beef amidst women, the most beautiful thing happened a couple of days ago and a social media user present at the event shared the beautiful experience.


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According to Facebook user Kutu Ameji who took to her Facebook page to recount the incident that brought different women who didn’t know each other together to defend the rights of a fellow woman against being bullied by a group of men. The incident as simple and heart warming as it is shows what women all over the world face more often than not; An entitled man who feels like he can do and says as he pleases to the opposite sex because society has placed him on a higher pedestal.


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The plot twist in this particular story is that, both the bully and the other group of men who came together to support him , never in a million years imagined that the women present would unite and challenge them, most especially in the absence of the woman being bullied.


A story like this is what March 8 represents. Unity and equality as deserved by both genders is what we should all strive for. Nobody should ever feel entitled solely because of their gender. Everybody deserves to be treated in all fairness, whatever the situation might be and we hope to see more girl power instances across the globe.

Find the video of the full incident attached below.


Happy International Women’s Day.

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