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Nike Reveals New Rio-Ready Collection of Football Boots

Getting us ready for the 2014 World Cup’s kick off today in Rio, Brazil, sports giant Nike has designed a new range of ultra-performing football boots, consisting of the Hypervenom, the new Tiempo V, the Magista and the Mercurial.

Staggering the launch of each style between now and July, Nike’s four most innovative pieces of performance footwear will be available to purchase via Nike stores and online, allowing football fans to wear the same boots that will be seen on some of the greatest players on pitch at the World Cup games in Rio.

With Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge fans of the Hypervenom, Sergio Ramos and Carlos Tevez rocking the new version of the classic Tiempo V and Cristiano Ronaldo launching the Mercurial Superfly, we’re sure these kicks will sell out fast, with Nike Football’s design director saying,

“This has been an unprecedented year of innovation for Nike Football. We believe that, as with the Mercurial R9 worn by Ronaldo in 1998, 2014 will be remembered as the year Nike changed football boots forever.”


The new Hypervenoms and Mercurials come in “Hyperpunch Red” and “Hyperpunch Gold,” while the Tiempo and Magista are available in “Volt Yellow” and “Volt Gold” – the brand adding;

“The colors are bold, but not as bold as the ideas and innovation in these boots. We cannot wait to see all the players on pitch in these new boots.”

Wannabe players can pick up the Magista now at, as well as preorder the Hypervenom and Tiempos, with the Mercurials on sale from June 12. 

In the meantime, cruise the collection, below;

Su14_GBF_Tiem_3QSol_Vlt_V1_large SU14_GFB_Merc_M_3QS_Red_V2_large SU14_GFB_Mag_M_3QS_Yel_V1_large Su14_GBF_Hyper_3QSol_Pnk_V1_large SU14_GFB_Merc_Hi_P_Pnk_V3_large Su14_GBF_Hyper_P_Pnk_V2_large Su14_GBF_Tiem_P_Vlt_V1_large


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