Sunday, October 1, 2023

How To Accessorize A Blue Suit

A blue suit is an essential in everyman’s closet. We prefer to see it is alternative from the cultured black suit. For this weeks off to work men’s wear inspo, we will be sharing some tips on how to pair your blue suit.


When choosing a shirt for a blue suit, you don’t want to go for something too bright, if you decide not to pair it with the very conventional white shirt. Other colors that could work are sky blue, and a light pink shirt. They are easy on the eyes, retain the classy feel and best complement the color of your suit.


blue suit2

A tie is one of the most important statement accessories of a suit. The pattern and color can make or mar your outfit, but with a blue suit, the best type of tie to pair it with has to be either a plain medium shade of blue, a checkered medium shade of blue, plain silver, red horizontal stripe or plain, or a Navy blue polka dot.

Shoes/ bags/belts

blue suit1

We are sure you don’t want to mismatch any of these regular yet delicate accessories, not only when you are wearing a blue suit, but with any other form of a formal outfit. For these accessories, there are two major colors that best suit the blue suit, Brown and Burgundy.


This is another statement accessory that has the power to define not only your outfit, but also your mood. The best color of wristwatch to pair up blue suit has to be rose gold, a brown or burgundy watch, or a sliver watch.


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