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Off To Work Wear Inspo- Basic Socks Rule

Socks are important staple accessories in any mans outfit, they compliment and act act as a binding body for your overall appearance. Your sock choices as trivial as it may seem to you, can make or mar your look.
We will be sharing basic sock rules and tips on how to pair them with pants and shoes.
Socks rules
The number one sock rule is that your socks must match and compliment your pants. This rule has been followed religiously by men for many years, but in recent times, some fashion dare devils have evolved into incorporating bright contrasting colors, which of course is a delicate act and shouldn’t be tried out by the faint hearted or fashion oblivious.
nasic sock rule for men
NEVER wear white sock on a formal outfit. This is a serious taboo and should be treated as such. White socks are only suitable for sports outfits and short, they just make your outfit look unflattering.
Over the calf socks are your best bet. They stay in place and save you the stress of having to constantly pull up your socks. And of course they are more professional and stylish. Leave the ankle socks to the kids on the block, would you.
Tips on how to pair your socks with pants. 
basic sock rule for men outfit
1. Bright colored socks. 
They have made a comeback and a lot of men are into this trend. It can be paired with both formal and informal outfits. Yes it looks good on a suit, but make sure the pair of socks compliments or contrast perfectly or it will end up making your outfit a total fail. Also they are not always suitable for black tie events and important formal meetings.
basic sock rule color coordination
2. Plain and Dress socks 
Although plain and dress socks are the standard go to for most men, there  are some simple rules that apply to this pick. When wearing a plain or a dress socks make sure it matches your pants perfectly, choosing a slightly contrasting color isn’t always a good choice. Two toned socks are best for solid pants, they compliment the pants and create an interesting and acceptable contrast. I.e an orange and gray two tone socks goes perfectly with brown, gray, navy blue and even khaki colored pants.
basic sock rules for fashionable men
3.  Patterned socks 
Patterned socks are interesting and quite easy to style. You just have to follow the basic pants and sock match coordinates to own this look. Also when going for patterned socks, know that you can easily pair it up with a simple outfit for best results. I.e a plain white shirt and neutral colored pants. Patterned socks can also be in tune with your pocket square. The most suitable type of patterns are usually stripes and polka dots.

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