Monday, May 29, 2023

Oh So Nutrition| Made In Nigeria Healthy Meal Beverage Company

A lot of Nigerians are becoming fully aware of the dangers of being unhealthy, people are now embracing fitness and healthy eating as a part of their lifestyle, and they have a couple of fitness centers to support their goals.

But back when the fitness and healthy living business just started gaining ground in the country, especially in Lagos Nigeria, it wasn’t so easy. Supermarkets didn’t necessarily have vegan or carb free foods or strictly green restaurants like we have now.

oh so smoothies

Two friends who were facing the challenges that came with the scarce resources of fresh healthy food took it upon themselves in the year 2014 and gave the consumers what they really needed to kick start and continue the journey of healthy living.

oh so meals and recipes

“Many people suffer knowingly and some unknowingly from allergies or aversions to certain ingredients such as dairy, gluten, soy. That’s why we always tell you what’s in our bottles and containers. We don’t believe in unpleasant surprises. Neither should you.”

Three years later after the launch of Oh So Nutrition, it has continued to grow from strength to strength as a household name for “healthy food and beverage options for the discerning individuals who are living life on the go.”

oh so bites

They are reputable for their Eco friendly, locally grown, fresh ingredients used in making their food.

“We are constantly dreaming up, creating, testing, recreating and retesting food and beverage recipes. It’s important we continue to expand our knowledge on the benefits of food and combine them in a way that is both nourishing to the body and tantalising to the tastebuds. And all of our products are packed in a manner that’s convenient for you.”

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