Monday, June 5, 2023

Okun Launches New “Spring-Fresh” Website

Premium men’s swimwear brand, Okun (which means ‘the ocean’ in Yoruba), has launched its sparkly new “spring fresh website” for fans, followers and customers of its African-inspired beachwear.

Alerting us to the new platform – which allows you to browse, buy and check out its blog – the brand explained;

“You’ve barely heard from us but in fact we’ve been busy concentrating on delivering to our retailers and getting ready behind the scenes to give our customers a top-notch experience of our brand, starting with a website that is simply one of the best mobile browsing experiences we’ve come across…”


Okun, who launched in 2012, includes custom prints interpreted from heritage fabrics like Congolese Kuba, Ghanaian Adinkra, Kenyan Kikoy and African Wax prints. And, since the brand is by self-described “IT-nerd” turned creative director Bola Marquis, we expect the site to impress.

Check it out, here.

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