Saturday, June 10, 2023

Olutade Abidoye’s “Lost Wax” Cards Bring Benin Era Nigerian Kings & Queens Back in Play

California-based artist, Olutade Abidoye has traditional playing cards re-imagined to bring the Benin Empire back to life, as the inspiration source for his “Lost Wax” playing cards.

The 54 card pack has kings, queens and courtiers from 15th-19th century Nigeria illustrated on the cards’ front, with which Olutade aims to bring Nigeria’s rich royal history, culture and past in sculpture to the forefront – starting with the fact that Lost Wax is actually the name of a difficult sculpting process that was popular during the Benin era, using metal and clay. #Interesting.

Lost-Wax-Playing-Cards-by-Olutade-Abidoye-02 Lost-Wax-Playing-Cards-by-Olutade-Abidoye-03

The artist says;

“If Nigeria’s prosperous past becomes common sense through these cards, then perhaps the notion of a brighter future won’t be so far-fetched.”

We’ll see, but for now peep the cards in ‘action,’ below;

Video & image source:

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