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Our Top 5 Celebrity Lipstick Moments, Including Rihanna, Naomi & Lupita Nyong’o’s Signature Shades

It’s National Lipstick Day today (July 29th) and we’re looking back at some of our favourite stars’ biggest lipstick moments.

From Naomi Campbell getting pouty on national TV, to Beyonce’s makeup artist using his psychic abilities to apply her makeup, read on and then shop these celebrities’ signature, standout shades…

1. When Riri Made All the Girls go “Woo”


First up is the moment that mega star Rihanna launched her Riri Loves MAC collection with cosmetic greats, MAC. Part of the range was the loveably-named “Riri Woo,” – inspired by the popular “Ruby Woo” MAC lippie – which sold out in just 3 hours of its launch, with the singer Tweeting;

“#SOLDOUT!!!!!!!!!! First shipment sell awf!!! Next shipment isn’t til June!!! Mac girls gone wild!!!…”

And re-stocking the shade didn’t seem to quench thirsty fans either, with subsequent batches selling out in 15 minutes…

Rihanna's signature shade is a bold, bright red, which you'll get with the "Riri Woo." If you can't find that then try Mac's tradition, ever-popular "Ruby Woo," which you'll find for £15.50, here.

A pretty amazing record, but not as pretty or amazing as Ri looks in her signature red pout, which you’ll get with the “Riri Woo.” If you can’t find that though, try Mac’s original, ever-popular “Ruby Woo,” which you’ll find for £15.50, here.

2. The Time Beyonce’s MUA Told the World He Does Her Makeup Psychically…

Next on our list of celebrity lipstick moments is the time Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John, revealed he picks her lipstick via psychic ability.

The professional claimed he reads Bey’s ‘chemistry’ to decide on her look for the day, telling Glamour Magazine;

“The look depends on her mood. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m a little bit psychic. I can feel if today’s a lip day – or if she’s a little more fired up – we’ll do a winged cat eye.”

So in other words, he’s reading her mood and creating a look to match, which sounds easy, but then this is Beyonce, who on any given day could reach his makeup chair like;




Yeh… Good luck with that, Sir John…


Bey’s signature shade though? Nude. But it didn’t take us psychic powers to guess that’d be the case (one needs only to have listened to her latest album to know what’s been on her mind recently…)

To get her look, try Topshop’s “Crave” lipstick, (£8.00), which we swear, like Beyonce’s, will serve you well in any scenario, from party to elevator and beyond…

3. Everytime Solange Adds Punch to her Pout


And suddenly we are reminded of stylish sister to Queen Bey, Solange Knowles, who creates magic lipstick moments on the daily.

The star believes a painted lip is essential to her makeup look, revealing once via interview that she is;

“…Very natural when it comes to makeup and pop in colour with a coral-hued lipstick.

I’d much rather wear lipstick than foundation, eyeshadow or anything else. It works for me.

Solange wearing universal lip pie shade: orange.
Solange wearing ‘universal’ lippie shade: orange.

The singer, who’s known for her bold pout, also mentions an affinity with a few shades in particular;

“I feel like orange is universal. I wear it throughout Summer, Autumn and Winter… Bright orange, orange red, or hot pink lipstick. It’s one of the few things that feels very essential to my beauty style.”

Try Tom Ford’s “Wild Ginger” shade (£37) for fiery, blazing row pout, available to buy here.

4. That Time Naomi Gave Coco a bit of Lip

Next, enter supermodel Naomi Campbell, who – at 44 years old – has seen (and thrown) a few good shades in her time.

That said, narrowing down to just one moment was pretty easy, as who could forget the time Ms Campbell got lippie with model Coco Rocha, while recording an episode of The Face? 

Naomi’s infamous “check your lipstick” diss was trending worldwide after the episode aired last year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if sales of Coco’s colour dropped as quickly as our jaws did.

See the hilarious clip below;

5. That Time Lupita’s Lipstick Smudged, which was Never…

And lastly, what type of list would this be without Lupita Nyong’o on it?

The actress’ lips are always on point (let’s face it, so is the rest of her body), yet still, when we see her posing with a flawless pout left, right and centre, without so much as a smudge, we have to wonder: what kind of wizardry is this?


The answer: none, actually. There is in fact just a knack to getting a stay-put yet potently pigmented pout, and Lupita’s makeup artist, Nick Barose, has given it away, saying the;

“…Thing to do is run a clear wax lip pencil along the edges of the lips to prevent the colour from running. It creates a perfect, precise edge for the lipstick to stay-put, but without the harsh line that you’d get if you used a lip liner that was the same colour as the lipstick.”

Better yet, we know which wax pencil he uses – it’s Lancome’s (obviously) Le Lipstique in Clair, which apparently works on all skin tones and lip colours. #CoolNews.

But her shade? Well, Lupita rocks most shades well with her beautiful, dark complexion, including a punchy, bold purple (do not tell Naomi).

Find yours in “Fandango” from Sleek Cosmetics, for a mere £4.99, here.


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