Monday, October 2, 2023

Pat McGrath Launches Her First Beauty Product, “001 Gold”

Top makeup artist, famed for her runway-ready magic and being the creative director of beauty conglomerate Proctor & Gamble, Pat McGrath has announced her first ever product, entitled “001 Gold.”

Pat gilding up Iman Hammam's lids
Pat gilding up Iman Hammam’s lids

The multitasking product, suitable for lips, eyes and even brows was announced during Paris Fashion Week via Pat’s Instagram, as she created several looks with the product on models including Iman Hammam and Bella Hadid – but truly it was first revealed at Prada’s Spring/Summer’16 showcase in Milan, where the models’  lips were painted with it.

Models backstage at Prada's Spring/Summer'16 Show
Models backstage at Prada’s Spring/Summer’16 Show

The MUA spoke of her product, saying that “Gold 001;”

“…Is a one-off, revolutionary, highly malleable formula. There is something magnificent about its pure form that leaves me breathless.”

We at SPICE don’t doubt it (have you seen the shots she created with it and shared on her Instagram page?) or the fact that plenty fashion followers and beauty addicts alike will leave themselves breathless when rushing to purchase it when it launches on Ms McGrath’s website, here this month.

Pat posing with models wearing "001 Gold" in Paris
Pat posing with models wearing “001 Gold” in Paris

Will you be rushing out to add this to your beauty collection? Join the queue because we’ll be rushing elbows first to nab one of the 1000 limited edition samples of Pat McGrath’s new “001 Gold” and then racing to show it off via selfie, too.

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