Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pharrell Collaborates with Woolworths for Sustainable Fashion Project, ‘Are You With Us?’

Top producer, artist, dresser and man on a mission, Pharrell Williams has been announced as the new collaborator of South Africa’s Woolworths, with his partnership with the brand seeing him as creative director and the face of their new campaign, “Are You With Us?”

The initiative puts Pharrell’s philanthropic values to great use, with aims to improve education in South African schools as well as the awareness of sustainability, cleaner rivers and oceans, and an overall sense that we should go easy on our planet.


For the project, Woolworths is producing a new range of bionic yarn tees with Pharrell – the yarn being a fabric made from the plastic that pollutes oceans – launched with a cool competition that calls on young people aged 15-25 years old to create a design that raises awareness of sustainability and is inspired by all things nature. The winning design will be put into production and sold on the Woolworths site, and will hopefully inspire younger generations to think about ways to reduce waste and look after the environment.


In a statement, the brand explained;

“As a designer, you know that your work can change the world. That is why we are turning to South Africa’s young designers to create impactful designs that will make a difference. The winning designs will raise awareness about the issues that affect our planet and a sustainable future for generations to come.”

Other competitions and initiatives – including a fundraiser for South African schools – are also to be launched as part of the collaboration, but for now, see below a video with Pharrell on the Are You With Us project and let us know your thoughts on the pairing in the comments box or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SPICETVAfrica.

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