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Pharrell Williams Reveals New Adidas Originals Collection, “Pink Beach”

Grammy-winning artist, producer and style icon, Pharrell Williams has been back in the design studio with Adidas, creating a second  Adidas Originals line, this time entitled “Pink Beach”.

Launched this weekend and revealing men’s, women’s and childrenswear, the collection is covered in Mr Williams’ handiwork, with the star having doodled all over the pieces and creating a very signature range of clothing, telling WWD of working on it;

“I was in like elevation, operating on a higher frequency as an individual as much as I can. The power of music. The power of oneself when you connect to that most sacred place within yourself, you know?

adidas Originals = PHARRELL WILLIAMS, Los Angeles, America - 13 May 2016

And then we started throwing those ideas around and was just like, man, what if there was a place where everyone just instantly was on that frequency the minute you got there? And that was Pink Beach. It’s just spirituality.”



On inspiration in general, the “Happy” singer called Karl Lagerfeld “a mentor” but explained;

“My style inspiration comes from regular, everyday people. People you see walking down the street or down sidewalks, Whole Foods [or] gas stations. They have the best style. Construction.

The more individuality you’ve got – it doesn’t mean you need to be weird, but just be noticeably yourself. I love those kinds of characters. Those are the most inspiring to me because what they wear is perfunctory.”

pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-pink-beach-collection-lookbook-15 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-pink-beach-collection-lookbook-10

Adidas, who would be right to want to tap into Pharrell’s famed personal style, said that choosing to work with the talent actually came down to values, saying;

“Pharrell in particular stands for the same values as us. He’s all about positivity. He’s about connecting people and he’s about inclusivity. And that’s really true to our values too and that’s why we wanted to collaborate.”

adidas-x-Pharell-PINK-BEACH-02-800pix HyperFocal: 0

The range was shot by photographer Viviane Sassen, whose work is heavily influenced by her upbringing in Kenya, with a bevy of models including Grace Bol and Nyamuoch Girwath.



The designs themselves stand out for their slogans like “You’re Awake” and “Awakening”, and doodles that remind us of stickers or ’80s hiphop artwork, which definitely bring the positive vibes the collaborators stand for.



Shop the range for men and women, or the childrenswear – mini version of the adult range – here, and let us know what you think to Pharrell Williams’ “Pink Beach” Adidas Originals collection online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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