Saturday, April 1, 2023

Polaroid Celebrates Big 80th with OneStep 2

Remember when instant pictures were a thing? A time when Polaroid’s were the in-thing and almost everybody had one, or knew someone who did? Well if you are too young then it’s totally fine.

polaroid onestep 2 originals

Top 90’s camera company, Polaroid has announced the launch of a new analog instant camera called the Polaroid OneStep 2, which is the first analog camera from the brand since 2003, this launch is in celebration of the brands 80th anniversary.

Polaroid originals is a sister company to the original company, although it claims both companies have no affiliation whatsoever. The polariod OneStep 2 is a successor of the original Polaroid OneStep which was birthed by Edwin Land 40 years ago, after his young daughter asked why she couldn’t see pictures as soon as it was taken.

polaroid onestep

“Polaroid Originals really focuses on analogue instant photography and the roots of the brand,” Oskar Smolokowski, former CEO of Impossible Project and now CEO of Polaroid Originals.

The new version will come with super cool features like a self-timer, in built flash, new color generation film, black and white, and USB charging. It will also have the same point and shoot visibility like the original OneStep.

polaroid onsetep 2

“The design process was both form and function led, and because the 1977 OneStep is one of the most iconic cameras ever created, a large part of the aesthetic objective has simply been to pay tribute to this icon while updating it for 2017.” Polaroid Originals creative director Danny Pemberton told Dezeen.

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