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Polygamous Relationship Talks On YGI

Hey Idia, I like four girls and I go on dates with each one every week. These girls are not aware I am seeing other girls. However I have been advised by my friends to pick one but my issue is I must pick. Why? Can’t I have them all and everyone remains happy?

what would you do?

Okay, so there are three main issues in this question.

  • He is seeing 4 girls.
  • These girls don’t know he is seeing other people
  • He wants to continue with this polygamous relationship.

Now, how do you even manage your time around 4 women? Doesn’t being with one person require a lot of attention and money? At what point does this relationship become a fluke? Because we will like to believe that if you are seeing someone, you have to reassure them of your loyalty, especially since they don’t know that you have other fishes in your pond.


We believe that if you want to see other people, it should be an open relationship, whereby the girls know that you are seeing other people, and then if they decide to be with you, then it is all well and good. At this point, they will be responsible and prepared for whatever happens.

At what point will he admit that he is being bare greedy? Especially if he is being sexually involved with all four of them. We have to remember the implication and gravity of a heart break and the damages it does to people. Has he considered the health risks of having four partners? He might be clean, but how well can he vouch for the other girls?


Worse case scenario;

What if some of the other girls have multiple partners? If that is the case, then all we see is a big fat exposure to STD’s.

Finally, he has to put the emotions of these women into consideration. Like, if the tables were flipped will he be cool with someone else doing this to him.

After all these questions and analysis, we are sure you would love to see what our Host Idia and her two lovely guests have to say on this throwback episode of You Got Issues.

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