Sunday, October 1, 2023

Possible Ban Awaits Mislabeled Fake Fur Garments

For as many times consumers all over the world have been lured into buying animal fur tagged as fake, a ban on selling real fur has been fitted in a place of high consideration. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee however convicts retailers with the inefficacy of enforcing regulations around the sale of real fur.


Retailers including Maxx, Amazon, Boohoo and Tesco have been called out for the confusing labeling of real fur products as fake. In spite of following the no-fur policies, other retailers were found to have sold “faux fur” clothing made from animal source.


Mislabeled Fur


It is proven illegal to give misleading information about consumer products as such and it only shows that retailers are flouting their responsibility to consumers. Although fur farming has been illegal in the UK since 2000, but it is still legal to import and buy it, with the exception of domestic animal fur from cats and dogs, and commercial seal hunts.


The government was however advised to ensure that local authorities are properly resourced and Trading Standards are properly trained. The government was further urged to consider launching a consultation to ban the sale of real fur outright.

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