Tuesday, March 5, 2024

‘Pretty Little Thing’ Denim Thong Would Be A Thing This Festive Season

Just when you thought that fashion couldn’t get weirder, Pretty Little Thing dropped a denim thong on us. With Summer 2018 approaching, there is no better time to set this trend than now.


The British online retailer recently started selling Mid wash Denim Knicker, fun fact, the denim thongs which is retailed for £15 (about $21) have already sold out. Who ever thought about this is a genius, but how well has this been accepted by the general public.


Denim pants could be so discomforting at times, but we can only imagine how a denim thong would actually feel. But who cares, they are trendy and its the inky way to make a statement this summer. This denim things looks like what your DIY tutor could pull off easily but nobody gat time to wait for a DIY. When you finally have the boldness to rock this, don’t forget use the hashtag ‘myspicyself’.



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