Friday, March 1, 2024

Queen Moremi Ajasaro

Moremi Ajasoro is part of a history that can not be erased from the Yoruba kingdom and significantly the people of Ile-Ife adore her till date. What would she have done to actually deserve such admiration and respect? Oloori Moremi lived in the 12th century and was married to Emperor Oduduwa, she possessed strength and was very courageous. At the time of her existence, the people of Ile-ife were under constant attack from a tribe who were referred to as the forest people.

These forest people were said to be Igbo (it is believed that these Igbos have no relation with the contemporary Igbo’s of Modern Nigeria). The people of Ile-ife could not conquer their opponent hence Queen  Moremi came up with a plan and let her self be captured on purpose by the Igbos. She was a very beautiful queen and was taken to be the wife of the Igbo king almost immediately.


During her time as the wife of the king she learn all about the Igbo war tactics and and became a spy for the Yoruba Kingdom, when she felt she had known enough, she planned her escape and returned back to the Ile-ife.

That is a stunt that can only be pulled off by a person who has a goal and a passion to succeed; Queen Moremi was selfless and was ready to sacrifice all to save her people. With all the secrets she took from the Igbos, her people were finally able to defeat them.

In Celebration of Queen Moremi, the Oduduwa Foundation owned by His Imperial Majesty The Ooni of Ife is hosting a cultural pageant to honor queen Moremi. This pageant would be taking place at Ile-ife. Stay Tuned to all Spice TV Social Media platforms for updates.


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