Saturday, March 25, 2023

Re’s Power Asooke Collection At Arise Fashion Week Is merging Culture and Contemporary style

The music came up and the name RE appeared on the big screens, it was that moment I knew the true meaning of a collection embodying power and royalty. There was something so grand about the atmosphere, It wasn’t that the music was slow or fast but it was right for the collection. As I sat on the second row across the runway, the first model walked out with a calm composure, she was adorned in a white Asooke two piece, the sleeves had a cold shoulder effect and the pants reminded me of super story.

One after the other, models passed by me adorned in Re, I think a memo was mailed out to all the models, just so that they could fit into the character of the outfits they wore, which was royalaty. Aduke walked in adorned in what looked like a kimono, but it wasn’t, it was more than a kimono, it was made of Asooke and that alone made it superior to any Kimono ever made.

The model had no braziers on, she was comfortable in her skin, she trusted the Asooke kimono to cover her up, and keep her safe. I had goose bumps all through the entire presentation, there were miniskirts made from Asooke paired with Asooke crop blouses, the fringe tassels from the Asooke was left attached to the hem of all the outfits.

These cape like attires came in different colors and sizes, it spoke volume about the Yoruba ancient tradition, Re brought culture to fit into contemporary style.  It is true that designers wear their hearth on their pieces, Re sold her soul to hers because that was all I saw.

By Utibe Ayi

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