Friday, June 9, 2023

‘Return of the Rudeboy’ Returns Via Book

Following last Summer’s brilliant Return of the Rudeboy exhibition in London (read about it, here), its curators, Dean Chalkley and Harris Elliott are back with a beautifully printed book on the movement.

The hard-covered tome documents the style, attitude and becoming of ‘Rudie’ culture via previously unseen images, essays on Rudeboy heritage, with a nod to the authors’ well-received space at Somerset House last June, which included photographs, 3-dimensional installations using film and audio, as well as an actual barbershop.


The book was released just days ago on June 6th through the Rudeboy Salon at The Hospital Club in London, with limited numbers of this first edition available.

If you’re interested in this pivotal movement in Black Britain’s style and Rudeboy culture, we at SPICE suggest you move quick and grab your copy for £40, here. In the meantime, see some photographs from the Return of the Rudeboy book, below;

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