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Review: House Of Nwocha

House Of Nwocha, since launched in 2008, has continued to stay strong despite the challenges faced by fashion houses in a developing fashion industry like Nigeria. Considering that, you can imagine how impressed we were when we caught the word that the brand was planning a standalone fashion show…making it the house’s third solo show.

The three-collection show took place at Havilah Event Center Oniru, a place popular for accommodating weddings but was transformed to house a fashion runway and Lagos’s fashionistas for a night. The show began with the White Rose collection, as the name suggested, white was the dominant color as models strutted in white ensembles paired with bright perspex visor caps. Looks included floral and graphic prints mixed with white, then transcended to plaid prints and purple hued looks. While we love the sport vibe touch to the collection, we were unsure with the direction with the choice of plaid and purple looks that ended the collection.

White Rose White Rose1 White Rose2 White Rose3 White Rose4

While the White Rose collection was fun for the most part, the next collection titled Red 13 was hot….and by hot, we mean red hot and daring. Meters of blood red fabrics meshed, draped and flounced to produce quite a number of dresses. In addition to this gaudy hue were flashes of skin here and there, we guess most would consider this collection for the bold.

Red 13 Red 131

Finally the third collection, and contrary to our expectation, there was no strutting or walking. A model stood on a pedestal and the designer clothed her right in front of our eyes. A bold move on her part as she layered dresses, starting from the mini and sleeveless to the maxi. A booklet explaining the concept of this collection had been handed to the viewers and stated the collection was built on the idea of a cocoon and the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, but what we saw was a lesson in layering.

Cocoon Cocoon1

One could doubt the wearability of some of these pieces, but fashion as we well know isn’t always about functionality. It’s about pushing boundaries and creating pieces that leave the mind to wonder of possibilities.

All in all, we say well done to House of Nwocha.

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