Thursday, September 21, 2023

Revlon Launches Perfume-Scented Nail Lacquer Collection

Makeup brand Revlon has released a new clever collection, which takes the sting out of polishing nails with a range of beautifully scented varnishes.

Designed for those that love nail polish but hate the accompanying over-powering varnish smell, Revlon’s new shades burst with scents that are broken down into 3 categories: ‘Sweets and Spices’, ‘Freshes’, and ‘Fruits and Florals.’

The fragrances include “African Tea Rose”, “Wild Violets” and “Spun Sugar”, but with a whopping 24 shades in the collection – each baring a different scent that lasts up to 3 days after application – you’ve an entire perfumery’s worth of polishes to pick from.

Users are warned not to be deceived by the initial standard varnish smell you’ll get when you open the varnish, as the scent is unleashed when the polish is dry on nails.  Try them for yourself, by shopping here.


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