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Riccardo Tisci Talks Erykah Badu as the Pair Star on Paper Magazine’s Cover

Top designer and head honcho at Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci has been talking about the label’s Spring/Summer’14 face, Erykah Badu, revealing that she is one of of his ultimate idols.

Tisci says, in an exclusive article he penned for Paper Magazine’s October’14 issue;

“…The first time we actually connected was when she arrived to the set of the campaign. I was so nervous – it is rare to spend time with one of your idols, and she is truly one of my ultimate ones.

She was nothing short of what I had in mind. She arrived with the most outrageous hair (a solo braid long to the floor) and an amazing hat. She was the exact definition of style according to me.”


The designer, who appears with the neo-soul star on Paper Mag‘s new issue cover, goes onto describe how Ms Badu was more than just a face for the campaign shoot, saying;

“On the campaign set, she started styling the looks she was supposed to wear and I was amazed. The effortlessness was striking. Everything she put together worked perfect and screamed Givenchy.

She came with her own personal stuff in case we were to need it, and I discovered that she owned many pieces that I designed. That’s when I realized we shared the same taste.”


Mr Tisci went on to explain that his feelings toward the star were strong even before they met, commenting;

“I didn’t know her personally but I was so attracted, it was obsessive. She’s a modern warrior, a tribal goddess that I couldn’t shake off my mind. I am so happy we are friends today.”


The duo star in an accompanying photoshoot for the article, where their close friendship manifests in some cool shots captured on the New York subway. Erykah can be seen leaning on Tisci’s shoulder in one image, him resting his head on her hip in another, with the pair pressed up against a train window in an altogether more steamy shot.


You can read the full interview here and take stock of the cover, below;


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