Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Rich Kids and The Fashion Industry: A Myth or Fact?


Fashion has somehow become a world language spoken by all, from trends repeating all over the globe to fashion jobs coming up daily, it’s safe to bid goodbye to the days when the only professions one could be proud of was either in the medical field, legal and engineering fields. Do not misinterpret us, these fields are still so very important, in this age you have Descience, were fashion and science merge together.

The Nigerian Fashion Industry has become more opened than ever, each passing day new creatives are emerging, infact Nigerian Fashion Designers are constantly looking for new ways to put the Nigerian fashion industry on the global map. The Challenge is most people feel it’s being occupied by Rich kids or should we rather say the Rich kids get all the attention. How true can this be? Let us not be the judge of this. Join Idia Aisien alongside Vector, Bridget Chigbufue and Derin From Isale Eko on this brand new episode of Style 101 as they discuss and share their opinions on this controversy1









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