Saturday, June 10, 2023

Rihanna’s Jewel Encrusted Bikini at Crop Over Festival In Barbados

Cheese on bread, Rihanna the goddess of bling is dim too fine, while we were still trying to get over her look from the Valerian Movie premiere she hit us with a more stunning one. Rihanna the queen of all glam had our hearths frozen when she first debuted her blue hair, we knew she was definitely on to something, then just like a movie trick she rocked this fully embellished bikini costume with thigh high gladiator sandals(between, we think she has thing for thigh high gladiator sandals), flawless face beat and off course embellished accessories to match at the annual Crop over festival at her hometown Barbados

This festival is one of the Caribbean island most popular and multi colored festival. It is a harvest festival that is similar to a carnival, maybe because of all the partying, the crop festival is usually celebrated at the end of the sugar season to mark the successful sugar cane harvest. People formally wore t-shirts to this festival but celebrities started dressing up for the festival. The fashion goddess has not attended this festival since 2015, hence she decided to make a massive comeback. Girl!!! yuh like liqor bile over(you would have to consult the Barbadian dictionary for the meaning of that)

Her costume according to Vogue was made by an indigenous designer Lauren Austin,who has worked with the singer on her over the top festival attire since 2013. In an exclusive interview with Vogue, the designer reveals that she has been designing crop over costumes for approximately seven years, she met Rihanna through Matthew Ashby and her brother Rorrey Fenty. For this years carnival, Lauren sent a lot of sketches to Rihanna, the queen choose the wildest and most daring designs. One word for the designer, Mesi!!

rihanna at crop over carnival barbados

 rihanna at crop festival barbados

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