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Rita Ora Wears Bathrobe To the EMA- SPICEHOTNOT

Rita Ora finally answered the “why can’t I just go out with my towel or under question” every woman has asked at least twice in her lifetime. The British musician literally had all eyes on her at this year’s European Music Awards, where she wore not one but two bath robes.

The R.I.P crooner took over the red carpet in a long, white, Palomo Spain bathrobe, a towel wrapped around her head and accessorized the look with diamonds on her neck and her hands, and pretty stilettos.

rita ora wears white robe for 2017 ema awards

On stage, Rita Ora switched up the long robe and stilettos for a shorter robe and paired it with sneakers and white socks.

rita ora wears robe for the ema awards

Although 26-year-old is known for her dare devil style choices, no one, in a million years thought she would pull up in a bath robe to host this year’s event. The look was unexpected and is getting more than enough attention from the media, including ours, and we are sure that she will be facing tons of fashion panels, as a lot of people seem to have contrasting opinions about this look.


What are your thoughts on Rita Ora’s outfit choice? is it a #SpiceHotNot?  Leave your comments in the comment section and let the conversation begin.

beyonce in palomo spain

A lot of people have been asking questions about the designer behind her outfit. Well, Palomo Spain is a Spanish Haute couture fashion brand, known for defiling gender binarism. The brand came to international lime light after the designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo’s took his designers to New York early last year. Another top client on palomo Spain’s list is Beyonce, she wore the designers piece for the revelation of her new twins on her Instagram page.


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