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#RunwayRundown: Cape Town Fashion Week, S/S’16

While we’re considering ‘Movement’ this month on the site, we’re super glad to have the just-concluded Cape Town Fashion Week to look upon for dreamy wears we’ll be wanting when we skip from this Summer to Autumn, then right back to Summer’16.

Below is our edit of the best in show; the 10 best collections to have graced the catwalk – but take a look and let us know which has you just dying to shop.

1. Adriaan Kuiters


Packed with heavy embellishment, an androgynous angle and textural prints, Cape Town-based label Adriann Kuiters came to rescue your Spring/Summer’16 wardrobe from light weight, floaty things in pastel – though there were a few things like that thrown in for good measure, too, with the creative brains behind the brand bringing a little something for everyone.


Standouts in the range included the vertical knee slits to trouser legs and longline, tee-shaped tunics that will work worn as dresses or together with a pair of the aforementioned pants – the signatures of this menswear and womenswear collection.

Be sure to find yourself in something from it as soon as next season ends.

2. Habits


At Habits, designer Jenny le Roux sent a theatrical collection down the ramp with militant-looking geishas clad in kimonos, leaving us in lust for an event worthy of their wow-factor.

There were velvet bonnets, Japanese-inspired, tailored jackets and wide, cropped pants – all littered with wheel prints – before a contrasting range of dusky pink, yellow, grey and blue pieces made their way into the lineup, humbling the collection and formed on boxy tops, loose pants and widely-set dresses.

Backstage beauty at Habits
Backstage beauty at Habits

Standouts came in the shape of tiered, bronze and metallic gowns that fanned at the neck and wrists, though it was the other, more casual half of this collection had us hooked with its laid-back, easy-to-do dressing for Spring/Summer’16.

3. David Tlale


Impressing as always and with a collection that came divided into parts, South African designer David Tlale played with texture heavily in his Spring/Summer’16 collection and consequentially, with our hearts.

The showcase saw fluffy trims and sheer layers (sometimes lined with a weaving botanical pattern) combined for a ‘more is more’ effect, but as turquoise and whites turned to lemon and gold, its was the laser-cut layers that really got to us – and then along came a punchy, metallic green that would halt a room full of people in a second.


The guy can do no wrong when it comes to creating and what we have in his Spring/Summer’16 is the proof – and yes, that includes the man skirt seen in the latter half of the show, in all its flouncing, full-bodied glory.

4. Lalesso


Ethical label Lalesso looked to global traditional cultures, “from Mongolia to Peru to Senegal,” and used the common ground between them to create a pretty collection  baring prints that reflected “ornate intricacy in detail, pattern and form” found in traditional dressing worldwide.


Said to be;

“…A collection for a global citizen that embodies the sense of universal tribalism..”

– the designers incorporated beadwork and embellishment crafted by a Maasai women’s group based in Kenya, continuing the traditional vibe which lent effortlessly to the label’s Summer-ready aesthetic.

We at SPICE fell for the subtlety in the range and the way it was born of global traditions, and can see this collection on our radar for Spring/Summer’16.

5. Michelle Ludek


Michelle Ludek seemed to just ‘get’ us, designing a range in potent red and fushia, punctuated by white, navy, azure and an unexpected yellow.

What was especially interesting about the collection, save for the clean and crisp cut of necklines and sleeves, were the prints – a lava lamp-looking version merging onto a jumpsuit that we knew we needed as soon as we saw it.


Definitely not for the shy and retiring among you, what walked the ramp at Michelle Ludek is calling for your attention and that of everyone else you’ll come across when wearing it.

6. Lazuli


The team at Lazuli went ladylike for their Spring/Summer’16 collection, designing for the endless invitation possibilities one might run into next year – from the fashion party, to the after party, light lunches out and days chilling at the mall.

Flaunting a palette of navy, black, white, yellow and orange, there is something understatedly chic about the range, which is clearly designed for the type of cool girl that does ‘look at me’ without coming screaming for it; there’s a standout quality to each piece, but the light, flowing layers keep an edge of casual collectedness that give that ‘easy-breezy’ “I woke up like this” feel we all strive for.


Reasons to look for Lazuli when we’re into Summer again next year.

7. Tart


If tassels, flashes of skin and vivd colour are your thing, Tart is your go-to label for Spring/Summer’16.

Displaying a real way with mesh and baring midriffs, the label went for it in simple, sporty ensembles that sometimes came with contrasting hems, other times with asymmetric ones but always with aims to attention seek – a mission in which they succeeded.


Team SPICE favourites include the parrot-esque mini dress that was formed of fantastic fringing that fell from red to blue and yellow, and the sheer tunic dresses which left a surprise train to the back, swishing about the ankles.

8. Ruff Tung


Ruff Tung brought classic to the catwalk, including stripes and finely-tuned column dresses that’ll wow anywhere you need to make an impression.

With cocktail hour clearly on the mind, the label went for it when it came to sleeves especially, crafting billowing oriental ones to maxi dresses – sometimes for asymmetric effect and calling for an obi belt to cinch the frame.


Best of all though, the oriental theme extended to the prints, which saw Spring/Summer’s love of florals with a twist and going from a palette of blue and white to full on fauna-fied colouring that we at SPICE will definitely be looking to plant in our wardrobe next year.

9. Leigh Schubert


So Leigh Schubert dabbled in men’s and womeswear for Spring/Summer’16, bringing prints, pleats and folds together for a near warrior-like vibe that’ll give strength to any wardrobe.

For guys, it was all baggy crotch and tight hems to be worn with squared shirts and tees, though the standout of the collection, the women’s range was a little stronger and veered toward power-dressing with voluminous cape-like features to the back of jackets and ensembles that really are meant for serious style moments.


This is the range to save for business luncheons and front row appearances ladies – guys, pick a piece to up your game when it comes to casual.

10. Marienne Fassler


Top talent Marianne Fassler debuted her “Print-a-Porter” Spring/Summer’16 collection at Cape Town Fashion Week and a brought a fusion of African-inspired print and sports vibes to the ramp – all mounting to an amazing, showstopping high that one’s wardrobe can surely not do without.

Patch-workings of mesh, leather and denim came collaged together for an eclectic take on the season, where boxy silhouettes, high necks, cut-out shapes and other appliqué details made up the entire show.

It was a lot to take in and a lot for our bank balance to prepare for come Spring/Summer’16 but we’ll be ready to pounce and purchase a piece or two the moment we can legitimately forget about Fall’15.


But what were your favourite pieces? Tell us about your best Spring/Summer’16 collections from Cape Town Fashion Week in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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