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#RunwayRundown: The Best of MBFW Swim 2015 – in Pictures & Videos

Well-timed for our month celebrating all things Summer here at SPICE, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim concluded this week, with a bevy of bikini-clad models walking runways in Miami and showing us what 2015’s swimwear is supposed to look like.

From designer favourites like Mara Hoffman to new finds like Sinesia Karol, we’ve painstakingly searched every inch of toned model skin on show at the event, to find the best-looking collections that showcased. Find them all here in our rundown, below;

Clover Canyon


Kick-starting our list is Clover Canyon’s cool creations – digital print swimsuits and two-pieces that will make a splash anywhere and on anyone.

Seen on top bods like Beyonce and Solange Knowles’, as well as those of Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, the brand – LA-based and produced to reflect “the eclectic, joyful spirit of California” – makes an impact with its beloved patterns and streamlined silhouettes, which you’ll find soaked across its swimwear collection for 2015. #WeWant.

Mara Hoffman


NY-based designer, Mara Hoffman – whose been making swimwear since 2008 – drenched her S/S’15 collection with her signature print and colour combinations, crafting mirror-prints, cutouts and the loudest of hues onto one-pieces and bikinis for customers who do not ‘do’ private beaches. Yes, every single piece from this range is simply made for showing off, so find yourself a busy beach and get gloating.

We Are Handsome


Husband and wife designers, Jeremy and Katinka Somers create the kind of swimwear that all the cool kids want to be seen in; bright, youth-soaked bikinis and one-pieces with all the best sorts of digi-prints.

Packed with their signature “quality, innovative prints, striking colour palletes” and just dripping in fun, we at SPICE especially loved the show’s carefree vibe, which you can see in full, below. Oh, and there may’ve been a snake somewhere on the runway, but we barely noticed – what, with all the perfect pool-wear on display.



Sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller’s 2015 swimwear showcase opened with grass-skirted dancers before the serious business of showing off bikinis began and Bond Girl-esque suits walked the runway.

Deep V necklines and matte metallics added a subtle touch of luxe and have us looking to add yet another piece to our suitcase for when sun, sea and sand come a-calling.

Beach Bunny


Now, this collection really could’ve gone either way, but its nostalgic nods to Wonder Woman and showgirl-esque glamour swung its way into our hearts as fiercely as its catwalk models did their hips.

Metallic, warrior-sexy silhouettes that bordered along ridiculous (well, you’d hardly rock them all to the beach or your local lane session) were potently powerful in persuading us that more is more, but as far as skimpy suits for the beach go, we don’t think you could’ve found a collection with more cutouts, beading or ‘oomph.’ Think Galactic Barbie’s day on the beach via Vegas and you’re knee-deep in the idea.

Sinesia Karol


Brazil-born Sinesia Karol clearly knows her way around a body (her country is home to some of the best in the business…), having produced a collection that’s cut to perfection.

Neat finishes and a chic palette of gold and blue combine for a sophisticated-looking line up of bikinis and swimsuits, but coverups don’t disappoint either, with refined, netted dresses and tie dye ensembles making the decision to swim difficult – simply take the cover up off? Not when it looks this good…

6 Shore Road by Pooja


Inspired by “lazy beach days at Sunset Beach in New York,” swimwear designer Pooja Kharbanda designs bikinis and swimsuits “intended for sipping champagne at the bar and dancing as the sun goes down” – which we definitely got from her range for 2015.

These are things of Ibiza-goers’ dreams; metallics in luxury fabrics for swimming and getting stared at from across the pool party; prints that say “been there, done that, seen it all” – yet with an elegance that could easily have been seen on Halle Berry as she washed up on that shore that time in Die Another Day. Do your Summer right next year in one of these suits.

Poko Pano


A favourite of stars like Beyonce and Mischa Barton, designer Paola Robba’s brand, Poko Pano put out a varied collection for Fashion Week Swim’s runway, including colour-clad two-pieces and skirted bikinis for all sorts of bodies.

Definitely a lineup formed with understated-fun in mind, the multicoloured creations were a highlight to the show, alongside the fact that said show took place knee-deep in a swimming pool.



Fun goings-on occurred at Wildfox’s show, with slogans, candy colours and teen spirit rife on its 2015 runway.

Baywatch-worthy swimsuits came cut high on the leg, and pinstripes and kitsch burger-print was also caught in the collection, with a SPICE favourite being the “Barbie” motif onesie. Well done Wildfox, you’re officially on our radar.



And lastly, Suboo sent models down Fashion Week Swim’s 2015 runway, wearing suits that are easily admired but not simple to wear in the sun. Why? Because cutouts, cutouts and more cutouts combined on suits with long sleeves, so tanners, do beware.

A real punchy set of swimwear though, as expected from the Australian brand by Sue Di Chio, who opts for affordable fashion-forwardness in both her ready to wear and swimwear lines. Take the plunge and pick a piece if you’re not phased by funny tan-lines.

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