Monday, October 2, 2023

Sarah Diouf Launches New Black Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Mag, “Le Magazine Noir”

The ever-stylish ex-editor of Ghubar Magazine, Senegalese and French fashion entrepreneur, Sarah Diouf has just launched Le Magazine Noir – a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine about the black experience.

Explaining the thought behind her new and exciting venture, Diouf reveals in her first ever editor’s letter;

“[Noir] refers to more than a skin colour. It’s where I, where – we – come from, Africa, le continent noir; that not only abounds with people of a dark skin complexion… and at times where we can feel a strong hostility amongst Maghreb and the sub-Saharan.

It’s a will to remove inhibitions, gather the minds, showcase and promote a greater image of African, black, [Noir] women all around the world.”


“The magazine encompasses a need to celebrate the renaissance of a colour, a community, a continent, through the lifestyle and achievements of its feminine figures, and those who feel this is what and where they belong. 

From Dakar To Casablanca, to Paris and New York, the Noir woman is plural, and fully inserted into the realities of a globalized world. She is more than a magazine; she’s life, style, and a state of mind.”


As well as presenting well-styled, black and African-focused shoots and commentary, the magazine also features prolific fashion, lifestyle and beauty-related personalities, with the first ever issue including Dakar-born designer, Sophie Zinga, FashionBombDaily‘s editor, Claire Sulmers and co-founder of Doo-bop, Jodie Patterson.

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Noir Magazine‘s “Premiere Issue” debuts online here with a French and print edition set for release next month, and we at SPICE can’t wait to add it to our list of monthly must-reads – especially with Diouf using her wiles in style to direct the fashion spreads in the mag, like this beautiful shoot, titled “Moussor.”

See it below and let us know what you think of Noir Magazine and Sarah Diouf’s mission in the comments box or on Twitter via @SPICETVAFRICA;

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