Monday, October 2, 2023

See Deola Sagoe’s “Komole Kandids” Collection Lookbook!

With Deola Sagoe being a leader in the Nigerian fashion industry, we were of course ecstatic to see new “Komole Kandids Series 1” collection lookbook revealed today, shared via the brand’s Instagram feed.

The range includes “an assemblage of designs for bridal wear”, comprised of the designer’s new take on the Aso-Oke, with Deola saying of the collection;

“There is no need anymore to have Aso-Oke and a lace outfit as two answers to an occasion’s fashion demands… We have combined both into one and by so doing transcended, making the new creation even better than the sum of its parts.


The new fabric motifs and the fashions that we have formed them into elevate the wearer to princess level, while still keeping her culturally grounded – I believe that this is what true class and elegance is about, shining in the form of a glow rather than a tinselly shine.”

The talent goes on to explain that;

“…The colour palette is a continuum from pastels to jewel tones, with iridescent sheen arising from silk ‘shot-through’ Aso-Oke weaves. Silhouettes flatter into a demure hourglass shape with floor length dresses that stagger the onlooker. “


Lensed by Kelechi Amadi-Obi (the top photographer who’ll join us this week at our “Channeling Fashion” event during Socal Media Week Lagos), the lookbook shows off all that Ms Sagoe explained; a range of exquisitely-cut layered pieces, fit for a princess; Iro and Buba to die for; finishes to flatter and colours to make the complexion pop – all styled by Deola’s daughter and designer Teni Sagoe, using vintage bags from the late Elizabeth Wuraola Ojo’s closet.


Love what you see so far as much as we do? Take a look at the rest of Deola Sagoe’s new collection lookbook here below, and note that the brand promises the second series of “Komole Kandids” will be launched next month, on the 6th of March.


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Image source: @Deola_by_deolasagoe

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