Thursday, September 21, 2023

Self-Portraits by 87-Year-Old Photographer Kimiko Nishimoto

The most poping 89-year-old right now definitely has to be Kimiko Nishimoto.

She is a Japanese woman who happened to discover her love for photography after attending her son’s beginner’s class for photographers 17 years ago. (Who says it’s too late to discover your calling?).

kimiko nisshimoto angel portrait

Her quirky style, costumes and weird portraits have gained her stardom all over the world. Some of her pictures have even found their way to galleries in Japan.Kimiko had her first solo exhibition in her hometown, Kumamoto, where she showcased some of her best pictures 10 years.

kimiko portrait pictures


Some of our favorite pictures of Kimiko includes the one of her literally hanging on a clothes line, her dare devil bike and motorcycle pictures and of course the one of her laying in the middle of the road pretending to almost get run over by a truck.

kimiko 89 year old japanese photographer


Pre some of her hilarious, yet creative pictures below.




kimiko photographer


kimiko japanese photo lover



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