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Serena Williams Launches Debut Fashion Collection ‘Inspired by Femininity and Strength’

Fashion brands are being debuted by artists, A list celebrities, athletes and a host of others daily. One of the most successful celebrity clothing lines are Victoria Beckham and Fenty by Rihanna. Serena Williams has definitely jumped on this train. In 2017, Venus Williams expanded her fashion to Africa and we are definitely stocked about this new clothing line by her sister Serena.

Serena Williams has done a lot of fashion collaboration in time past, the 23 grand slam title achiever has had a lot of fashion collaborations in time past, from Nike to Puma to HM and other major fashion brands, well she thinks its finally time to debut hers.

erena Williams Launches Debut Fashion Collection 'Inspired by Femininity and Strength'


On Wednesday, she launched the first 12 pieces from her solo eponymous fashion collection, this collection is sold exclusively on The fashion line is inspired by femininity and strength, according to Serena “I absolutely love this collection because it represents all the facets of my life as an athlete, an entrepreneur, and now, a mother, we’re all on a journey that delights us with highs and challenges us with twists and turns, which shapes us into who we are and who we want to become. I’ve learned to embrace and celebrate this process of individual growth and dedicate this collection to all women who want to join me in showing the world our true selves.”

This collection is “inspired ‘S’’ with words like strength, sexy, or whatever your ‘S’ is at the moment.” She told Refinirey29, “I need to be sure of myself, that’s usually my ‘S’ word. Considering all the collaborations fashion brands Serena has worked with, she has put in a lot of work into her clothing line to be the absolute best, and this goes down to the source and feel of the fabric used.

“We really wanted the best fabrics, people can do better fabrics for better price points, they’re just not doing it,”  this was not just about the clothes for Serena, it was also about the shopping experience for her, considering her knowledge about the tech industry, she played with that advantage and also using her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, as an advantage. With the help of her husband, the two developed a website that compliments the quality of the pieces.

“My husband’s into tech, I’m into tech. I sit on a board of a tech company,” she says. “It’s 2018, I do all my shopping here [points to the cell phone recordingthe interview with Refinery29]. Let’s not only bring great fabrics and expensive-looking pieces — why don’t we bring technology into this too? For me, that was a no-brainer. That’s the whole point of it, we’re bringing technology to fashion.”


erena Williams Launches Debut Fashion Collection 'Inspired by Femininity and Strength'


The entire collection features dresses, denim, jackets and lots more, the best part it, they clothes range from $14.99 to $215,  what this literally means is that a high school student could cop one of this just by working during summer.

Serena Williams is definitely expanding her net worth of $27 million and means of income with this clothing line. we definitely hope that this would not turn out to be one of those celebrity fashion brand that stays in the moment and elapses in the future. This is definitely a double slam for Serena.


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