Sunday, October 1, 2023

Seven Must Have Items Every Fashionable Man Should Own

All we ever hear about are essentials for a woman’s closet, who ever said fashion trends were not applicable to men. Do you recall when we put together Must Have Shoes in every Man’s Closet?  We decided to have a better list consisting of six basic essentials every Spicy Man should own in his closet.

A well tailored suit is a Must have, either brown, blue or black, you should not compromise this items for anything. They can take you to a date with that special someone, a business meeting for that mega contract or any occasion at all.


A signature scent, it introduces you in a room, speaks volume before you make a statement and sometimes closes business deals. Yes we are over emphasizing this, a signature scent is everything, it covers up for a bad first impression at times(Don’t get us wrong a good first impression matters.


Collection of classic belts, a simple yet classy belt in brown, black or dark brown can work for all occasions except your trying to pull up some G unit stunts. Your belt is the little detail you should never leave out in your outfit even If your pants fit. It is a necessary investment for a man.


Brown and black pair of dress shoes, the best part about dress shoes is the versatility of the shoes. Owning one or more pairs of neutrally-toned dress shoes is part of having a professional wardrobe. Having great pair of shoes are building blocks to go with your nicely tailored suit or suits.


Grooming kit, trust us when we say a lady can spot a man who is hygienic from his finger nails and toe nails down to his beard{if his part of the beard gang}. A Real man should take time out and care for himself irrespective of his job description. Keeping your nails and beard trimmed and clean is actually a huge adult move. Have a small grooming kit that includes nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, and a nail file for hangnail, splinter emergencies or avoid picking up irritations from his local salon


Nice wrist watch, what we mean by nice wrist watch is not that digital watch you bought in a hurry or just because you needed to be time conscious. A nice Wrist watch is a little bit more expensive than your regular Wrist watch, it is more of your wardrobe investment. It’s not worn to all occasions and it can not to be tossed aside if part of it breaks or wears out. Quality construction of any watch can be discerned in how available replacement parts, batteries or winding knobs are available.



White sneakers, this could be paired with anything. For that atleisure trend. This is our best to go item.


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