Sunday, March 26, 2023

Shop Under 5k On These Instagram Stores

Getting great fashion items for less expensive prices is a huge deal and very rare, except your thrift shopping which is not so ideal to everyone. In this new age, social media has made shopping less stressful for a lot of persons, as there are a thousand and one stores on Instagram, but you have to shop from the authentic ones, be very smart when shopping on social media. Remember that time you almost broke the bank because you wanted that floral shirt blouse with a pair of sunnies to match, well now we just solved half of your problems by putting together a list of stores on Instagram were you can shop for less.

The 5k shop

Top of our list is this store owned by kechi lauren, if you have ever secretly wished to be ‘the flash‘, now is the perfect time to hurry and purchase all items on these store because, it’s under five thousand Naira. Yes!! do you even know what it means to sell amazing bags, and clothes under 5k in this present economy, if you do then we think we have said enough.

The 3ktop Store

We have seen the 5kshop, now what’s even more interesting is this 3k top store, entrepreneurs really brought their thinking game to the earth. This store sells tops under three thousand Naira, that’s almost equivalent to 9dollars. The best part about this store is the cold shoulder tops they stock.

Lolas Nest

Givenchy, Dior, Agbani Darego, all this brands mention are luxury eye wear brands. If you can’t afford Dapmod who says you can’t still look good in a pair of sunglasses from Lolas nest. Most of the sunnies on this store are to die for, you would think you are space bound with some of them. Lola is a genius for all the bucket bags and sunglasses she sells under five thousand Naira.

Retro Religion

Even though some persons were born in this age, they secretly wished they were born in the medieval times, we remember Esther Adeleke saying on Style 101 how she is a retro kid. This store is for all the retro kids who are in dire need of affordable fashion. Folakemi Awobutu must have really thought hard before opening a vintage store on Instagram. The shirts are very exquisite and rare.

Now shopping has been made easy, thanks to Instagram and us of course.

Hint: always verify the authenticity of a store before going ahead to purchase an item or pay before delivery, look out for private pages, and testimonials that are not real. Always confirm, from previous users of the brand, google them if need be. Until next time, happy shopping for now.

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