Sunday, October 1, 2023

Should Age Be A Determinant In A Relationship?

You have spent the best parts of your relationships nursing heartbreaks, trying to narrow down your search due to religious and cultural constraints, but no matter how much you try, it just doesn’t work out. Then somewhere along the line you meet someone you are totally attracted to, share similar values and interest and the relationship seems to be going on well, everything is perfect and your happily ever after suddenly doesn’t feel so farfetched.
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But society finds a way to point out the age difference between you and your dream partner. You beginning to listen to internal and external voices telling you there are other people out there within the societal, suitable age demographic as you. This becomes an issue and you begin to fall apart, and at the end of the day you end up exactly where you started.

watch what the guest on the relationship episode of on the couch think about this touchy subject.

For many decades, society has told us what is and what isn’t acceptable and suitable to please the eye of people who shouldn’t have a say in our lives. Should something as trivial as a person’s age stop you from getting the love you deserve? Despite the fact that in most cases age isn’t the measure of maturity, one can only wonder if it should even be a major determinant in choosing a life partner.

The world as we know it has continued to evolve, but certain things are still thought of as abnormal and frowned at by society. At the end of day what should really matter is that two consenting adults find each other compatible and chose to be together.

If you find someone who you love and vice versa, let yourself be loved to the fullest and ignore the so called barriers that are being imposed on us based on silly ideologies and social standards.

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