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Six Factors to Consider For Men’s Wedding Bands

Getting married is almost every girls dream, but we tend to forget that the man is also in the picture. Men put in a lot of time and thought in choosing the perfect wedding ring for their spouses but have no consideration whatsoever how theirs would turn out to be. We certainly believe that every man should also have the perfect wedding band like his spouse, hence we have put together six factors you should consider before choosing your perfect ring.

Width: When picking out a wedding ring, the width of the ring is very important. How wide do you want your ring to be, the wider the ring the more costly the ring becomes as more precious stones are used in making wider rings.

mens ring

Metal Choice: Let’s assume you’re a type of  guy who considers jewelry as being a personal item then the metal type of your ring would definitely be as important as your spouses ring. For men’s ring, metals mostly used are yellow gold, palladium, platinum, rose gold and white gold.  Each of these metals varies in price and also depends on a person’s preference and budget. If you’re a type of guy who reacts to metal a lot, then Platinum would be perfect as it is very durable and never causes skin reactions due to the elements in the metal. If you are a vintage kinda person then the rose gold metal which is very rare would be just perfect for you.

rose gold mens ring

Fit: After spending a lot of money on your band, few days after it falls off your finger into the sink or worse case scenario a ditch!! That would be most painful, hence always make sure that the band you are purchasing fits on your finger. Another factor to consider when choosing the fit of the band is the feeling you get from putting on the ring, does it make your fingers sweat a lot, or does it cause pain? Take all this into consideration before you finally pick, the edges of the band also determines this factor. Is the edge curved or flat?

black gold mens ring

Finish: The texture of the ring’s metal is considered as finishing. A ring could have a matte finish which is less reflective and also gives an understated modern feel. The metal of the ring could also be combined, which is a combination of matte and high polish textures.

Lastly for men who want to stand out, then we most recommend hammered rings, these are rings with tiny hammer textured effect.


Detailing: Whoever came up with the idea that only women could have precious stones on their wedding bands, times are changing and men are starting to see the benefit of having intricate detailing on their wedding rings. These might be the only jewelry you put on as a man so why not go all out for it. Twist up the look of your ring by adding a diamond or sapphire accents to it.

 mens wedding ring with stones

Engraving or Custom Design: Wedding rings are personal vows worn by couples, it can either be engraved with names, dates or customized in whatever way they chose to.

mens gold wedding ring with engraving

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