Thursday, March 30, 2023

Six Must Have Items Every Fashionable Woman Must Have In Her Closet

There are certain things that should not be missing in a ladies closet, no matter how much fashion items you purchase each day, we still believe that these essentials are ultimately important and would save you a lot of stress.

  • Black pair of heels like or yes, black heels are as necessary as your breakfast. Every lady should own one; kitten heels, block heels, or just pointies, whatever works for you is fine.90da177a2a58ee14b07a783104a13850
  • Have a great scent, smell is everything, you wouldn’t want to imagine stepping into a room and everyone just smiles without saying hi. Please ladies this cannot be overemphasized, take your fragrance with you anywhere you goa0343f20161c7709ba322c0235b7ec02
  • Little black Dress, oh yes its not just a popular saying but a saying that must be adhered to, the best part about a black dress is that you need no stylist to make you look fab in a black dress and it suits for almost all occasions.411e604bbaff634e772ef88ef5ab6e60
  • Statement Neck piece, for that strong feminine and chic look, you need an accessory that speaks volume even when you have a minimalist style going on.764c3def2a6d05448872ee9e022f27be
  • Basic Wrist watch, this is not only for telling the time but also a fashion accessory, it is a strong statement piece every lady needs in her closet.10b6eeacf819946004c6590808bbe370
  • Last but definitely not lest is a bag of makeup essentials, whoever said you need to be the best makeup artist in the world before you own basic make yup essentials such as a great foundation, highly pigmented eye shadow palette, Eye liner and lip stick. Always look good before stepping out you never know what could happenbc8e1d4e7c5d806729a2c7844046c227

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