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Skin Benefits Of Lemon.

lemonCitrus limon (L.) Osbeck, is a species of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, native to Asia. The tree’s ellipsoidal yellow fruit is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world, primarily for its juice, which has both culinary and cleaning uses. The pulp and rind(zest) are also used in cooking and baking. The juice of the lemon is about 5% to 6% citric acid, with a pH of around 2.2, giving it a sour taste.

Asides from all the uses mentioned above, lemon has amazingly positive effects on the skin. Lemon extracts are often found in quite a number of skin care products. It is also highly recommended for diy skin care routines.


Ripe Sliced Lime and Lemon Isolated on White
Ripe Sliced Lime and Lemon Isolated on White


We give you some of the amazing skin benefits of lemon. 


  • Lemon lightens dark spots and blemishes. Lemon juice’s citric acid gradually fades spots and evens your skin tone.


  • Lemon can be used as a teeth whitener. There have been testimonials across the internet by people who tried diy teeth whitening recipes using lemon and swear that it is the Holy Grail.


skin bebefits of lemon juice


  • Lemon juice is a natural nail hardner. If you find yourself tired of your nails breaking off and looking unhealthy, then you can simply use lemon oil and olive oil mixture to harden and whiten your nails.


  • Lemon mixed with sugar and any essential oil of choice makes a fantastic body scrub. This exfoliating diy body scrub if used religiously will leave your skin looking healthy and brighter.


  • Lemon helps treat blackheads and acne. Lemons contain. Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it suitable to combat blackheads and acne, while leaving you with a radiant skin.

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