Saturday, June 10, 2023

#SMWLagos | Join SPICE on March 2nd as we’d be ‘Communicating Africa’s Fashion Story’

One of the biggest narratives that has come out of Africa for some years now is that of the growth of its fashion sector. The increased telling of the African fashion story via technology is helping alter the image of Africa from that of a continent of darkness and suffering to that of beauty and creativity.


In this segment during SMW Lagos, we will look at the way in which the story of African fashion is being told.

Modern media and communication tools (FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Blogs) are helping break barriers for African fashion and allowing it to reach regions previously unexposed to it. What are the mediums through which the story of African fashion are being told? What role is traditional media vs the modern media “machine” playing in this? What are the stories being told of African fashion? By whom and what is the larger impact on the continent of this increasing focus on African fashion.

Communicating Africa’s Fashion Story speakers will include a cross section of individuals on different planes of the African fashion and technology spectrum. SPICE TV will anchor the discussion and provide imput on the role traditional TV media is playing in the African fashion revolution.

Who should attend this session?
Fashion professionals and creatives
Individuals with interest in African fashion
Fashion consumers
Media professionals/ enthusiasts
Individuals with interest in African culture/ history.

Join the conversation as we countdown via the hashtag #SMWCommunicatingFashion.

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