Saturday, March 25, 2023

Social Media Has A Lot To Say About Fellaini’s New Pictures For GQ

Marouane Fellaini is not just famous for being the midfielder for premier league football club Manchester United. The 30 year old Etterbeek born midfielder is also known for his famous uni brown and full headed fro.

He fro first gained major attention when the number 27 player dyed it gold a couple of years back. And now he is back with a different color and hair style for the hair goals section of GQ magazine and social media users are having a blast as usual.

The thing about the new pictures the football star posted has absolutely nothing to do with the color or the texture of his hair, but the way his hair was styled in. Okay picture this; Fellaini’s hair and Mickymouse ears, Yes! We like to believe you imagined right.

He took to his official Instagram page to share the pictures of his new look for GQ and a lot of social media users wasted zero time in creating memes and of course their uncensored opinions.

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