Thursday, June 8, 2023

Spice Destination- Casa Ilashe

Eid is a day away and getting away for a night or two with your family and friends sounds like an amazing idea. Especially if you are looking to catch up on lost times with loved ones you don’t get to see every other day.

casa ilashe resort lagos state.

Casa Ilashe is a private beach club owned by the African beach resort. Designed as the perfect getaway from the frenetic city life. The beach is located in Ilashe, a sleepy village and tranquil oasis, along Badagry Creek, where the pace of life is set by the rising and setting of the sun. The locals of Ilashe, are a peaceful and hardworking mixture of tribes found along the West African coastline, whose livelihood depends on fishing and farming.

casa ilashe resort lagos state

The getaway haven is perfect because of the peace and quiet of the location. The calming sound of the ocean, the beautiful view of the vast spread of water and the soft white sands are enough reasons for you to want to spend your time out here. Casa Ilashe is also a perfect location to throw private parties.


The resort has 12 standard suits, which are well equipped and properly managed and suitable for couples, singles and of course children.

casa ilashe beach resort lagos state

Security is something you don’t have to worry about, because the area is well guarded and there is provision for a standby boat. The resort comes with a fully stacked bar which has an interesting variety of drinks, a kitchen that serves memorable tasty meals prepared by professional chefs, a lounge, free wifi, and a pool.

If you are interested in experiencing Casa Ilashe first hand, come over on the 2nd of September to party with guests as they African Beach Resorts’ celebrates her Pre Launch Party. The boat departs by 9am and 11am prompt.

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